is an Android app that allows you to remotely control computers.
Limits are not intended!

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Getting started

To start, you should check 2 small things:

You can download the server here. After starting, your own IP is displayed in the upper left corner. This is important to connect the smartphone to the PC.

Depending on your Java-installation, you can start the server with ever-remote.jar, or the "start ever-remote.bat" file. In case something wont work, please be sure you installed Java on your computer or update to the newest version. If nothing is working, you can send me an email :-)

You need to create the functions wich are later availible on your phone.
In the first text box you assign a name and in the big field below, the associated command. In the example, we open a playlist with VLC player:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe "C:\Users\dreiling\Music\Artist123\playlist.m3u"
The paths can still differ from computer to computer, but in this case the quotation marks are important.

To navigate in VLC itself, we create now the shortcuts for play / pause, forward / back, and volume up / down. The first character must be a pound # and after that the corresponding key - or key combination.
As an example: play / pause is only the spacebar (space)


As a hotkey example: quiet / louder is controlled by the keys control and up or down


In the keyboard and shortcut area you can find all the supported keys
In addition, you can assign appropriate symbols from a list of default icons:

The possibilities are not limited to multi-media applications of course, you may e.g. also replace or expand the keyboard when working with a graphics tablet or use it as simple hotkey collection next to your desktop.


NirCmd is a great tool for windows, which offers many of the commands that would be more complicated as without.
In this case, I extracted the tool to C:\nircmd\ . The command to lower the PC volume would look as follows:

C:\nircmd\nircmd.exe changesysvolume -5000

NirCmd is free of charge and can be found here.

Keyboard and shortcuts

To trigger a keystroke or key combination, the first character of the command needs to be a pound #.
For a key combination, the keys are connected with a +.


You can use the following keys:

Open Source

I decided to release the server software open source for several reasons:

  1. You can make sure no malicious code is contained
  2. Every developer can expand or improve the commands and keys
  3. Benefits for everyone, including me, from new ideas and implementations

I would be happy if the developers of customized or advanced versions will contact me to provide the improvements to non-developers.

The current code is released under the MIT license and can be found on Github. Not very well documented, but should be self-explanatory and easy to understand. :-)

Used libraries


A good friend and designer created the icons for ever-remote and is willing to release the icons as open source graphics too. The icon-sources are comming soon, until then, the icons used in ever-remote are availible to download under the Creative Commons License Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Feedback / Contact

Any feedback is welcome, whether bug reports, suggestions, appreciation or criticism.